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Bummed out...

Life sux. But I imagine those same two words are in every single entry I put in here. Tonite is gay as are all Sunday's. And my mom was at Bingo all nite and so was Jacy. Now Jacy's studying for a test and there is no one to talk to on IM. I hate being in my house, I get mad depressed. Plus it's thundering and lightning and I'm afraid the power will go out and my computer will go off. Then I will have NOTHING to do. Study? Do work? No because at this point there's nothing I can do to get good grades. I hate life!

Guys are evil. I think it's all a conspiracy. I went up to State College last nite to a party and it was so much fun. I had such a great time and I met this guy named Damien. I really wanna get to know him better cuz he's a real cool guy. But of course he lives there and that's two and a half hours away! Plus he works nites and I don't think he has a computer so he's like rarely online. Ya know, this is the way things go in my life. Everyday there's something new. I want to transfer there (at least this week I do) and I can't because I don't have enough freakin credits. Not like there's anywhere there for me to live right now anyway.

It's a conspiracy cuz look, I met someone new and it could have helped me put Kevin in the past where he belongs, but no. Tonite I find out he did take this girl I despise to his college formal. I knew he would take her cuz he probably asked her to go with him when we were still together. But just did it behind my back. He is such an asshole and when I think about him I feel like shit. Nothing about him or our time together makes me smile looking back. So the one day I wake up in another guy's arms and feel better about myself because I have the chance to move on, I find out he's still the prick who never cared about me at all. Just makes me sick. Thanx Kev, when something makes me feel like life is good you always find a way to ruin it.
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