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Oh I feel bad now....

I haven't bitched in a month. Lol. Well not a lot has been making me mad lately. There's not much to rant about 'cept the fact that I can't stand people without common sense (though some people say I'm the one who has none - Pssh!). For instance, my cousin is an only child and is so fucking spoiled. She doesn't have the common sense to shut her mouth once in a while. She told me the same thing three times in one hour. I told her I heard it the first time and she thinks no one listens to her. Maybe it's cuz she's just so fucking annoying. I mean seriously, wouldn't you kind of realize after people have told you to shut up so many times that you're annoying? I know I would. I even think I'm annoying at some points, but she never realizes it. It pisses me off. Well that was during my vacation. Now it's over and she's back home. Thank goodness! Ugh! I just had to let that out. Anywho, an update on the Marissa scene: not many people like her at work cuz she tries to boss people around and no one likes that coming from a person lower on the list. Pssh! Well I'm out for now.
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